Attractions in La Jolla

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego La Jolla
This incredible museum is the top destination in La Jolla for those interested in modern art. Although there are a number of impressive permanent items in the collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego La Jolla, the real reason to visit the gallery is because of the temporary exhibitions that feature modern art from some of the most famous contemporary painters and sculptors around the world. The museum is easily accessible, offers parking to visitors, and boasts a delicious cafe for a quick meal or drink during a visit.

University of California, San Diego
Despite the fact that UCSD is a large research facility and place of education, it is also a popular tourism attraction. Most visitors tour the campus to take a look at the incredible sculptures and contemporary buildings on display. One of the most popular is the Geisel Library, named about the popular author Theodore Geisel, who most fans of literature know better as Dr. Seuss. The incredible building looks more like a sculpture than a place of learning, and is one of the more popular architectural structures in the city.

La Jolla Cove
San Diego and La Jolla both boast a number of coastal spots, but La Jolla Cove is considered by many to be the top beach in the area. As part of the Underwater Park Ecological Reserve, the area is protected. However, visitors can still go swimming, snorkeling, or even scuba diving in order to experience the wealth of marine life underwater.

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
Torrey Pines is a natural landmark and a scenic destination in La Jolla. The reserve takes up more than 200 square acres of land and includes sheer bluffs, canyons, plateaus, and plenty of coastline. This is a great place to visit for anyone who is interested in nature, wildlife, or hiking. A small visitor's center offers maps for hikers looking for the best swimming areas and vantage points to spot local dolphins and even whales at certain times of year.

Birch Aquarium at Scripps
This aquarium is the public section of the large Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Visitors to the Birch Aquarium have the opportunity to see live coral reefs, sharks, and many more aquatic animals on their visit. Several tide pools are open and available for touching, something few other aquariums in the United States offer to visitors.