Special Events in La Jolla

BON ODORI: Gathering of Joy
The BON ODORI festival is an annual event held in La Jolla, California. This event is a celebration between the Buddhist communities. Through music, dance, food sales, and shopping, guests will find much to enjoy at this festival. The aim of this event is to honor and remember deceased relatives and friends in a unique and fun way. You can show the deceased that they still play a part in your every day life by joining in on the celebration. Paper lantern making and other craft events can be found throughout BON ODORI.

Full Moon Pier Walk
The Full Moon Pier Walk is one of the most amazing events that La Jolla residents and visitors can experience. Primarily scientists, aquarium staff, and students use the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier. During this magical night, the pier is opened to the public. During the full moon, guests will be able to walk along the pier, spanning at 1,090 feet long. Aquarium staff members will teach guests about the history of the pier, show how marine organisms can glow in the dark, observe the condition of the ocean and so much more. This experience is available for those that are 9 years of age and older.

Art, Music, Sweets and Grapes
Art, Music, Sweets and Grapes is a showcase event that features a wide variety of artisans. Jewelry, paintings, handcrafted designs, glass art, and wine tastings are just some of the fun activities that can be enjoyed during this event. While browsing the showcase, guests will enjoy live music and a delicious dessert bar to snack at. Donations from the event will go towards the Care House Life Ministries organization.

Flicks on the Bricks
Flicks on the Bricks is an annual food and wine series that is held in La Jolla. Located on the outdoor patio of the Athenaeum, guests will enjoy watching classic films while sipping their favorite fine wine.

Monte Carlo Gala
The Monte Carlo Gala is one of the most well known events in all of La Jolla. This art fundraiser is one of the most anticipated in San Diego. Contributions from art that is sold at the event goes towards supporting exhibits located within the Museum. Contributions also go towards supporting the educational programs that are held at the Museum for students.