Getting Around La Jolla

Among all of the transportation options available in La Jolla, California, driving is probably the most popular. Car rental locations are not in abundance in La Jolla, though they are available in major areas of the city. Any vehicle will do though a small or compact car is best for parking since many of the major sightseeing areas do tend to be busy. If driving in from another California city or outside state, that is probably the best way to go as tourists can get to areas like Mount Soledad and the beaches easily.

Another popular option, especially amongst La Jolla residents, is the bicycle. Being the beach town that it is, many residents and plenty of tourists choose bikes as their mode of transportation. For anyone staying in the downtown La Jolla area or near the beaches, bicycles are a cost-efficient way of getting around. Moreover, there are many bicycle lanes through the city of La Jolla making it even easier for people to get around. For sightseeing, bicycles are great since many of the bike paths and bike lanes take riders through scenic routes.

A transportation option that isn't really meant for everyone but that is easy to pick up and definitely a California favorite is the longboard. These boards are meant for cruising and not for tricks and thus a great way for younger tourists to get around and feel like a native. Even older individuals can take advantage of the smooth ride to be had on a longboard. This is perfect for getting around the general area surrounding one's hotel or wherever they are staying. It is economical and environmentally friendly as well.

Public Bus
The public bus system (San Diego Metropolitan Transit System, or MTA) is yet another great option for those visiting La Jolla. Although not one of the fastest or most efficient public transportation systems in the country, it is still an option for those that would rather not drive or rent a car. The area that the bus system covers can be found on the MTA website and stops frequently at plenty of areas around La Jolla.

Lastly, people can take advantage of the magnificent views by simply walking. This is a cost-efficient and healthy option for travelers, especially since many options for shopping and dining are within walking distance no matter where one stays.